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Powell Sees International Commitment to Support Iraq (2004-11-24) The international community has demonstrated its commitment to help Iraq move toward democratic elections and to prevent the country from slipping into the hands of the insurgents, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell. "What we are trying to do is to defeat an insurgency, have all the neighbors come together, and vow, as they did today, to not allow healthcare administration programs terrorists and terrorist financing and weapons to come across the border, to help with humanitarian aid and to assist the Iraqi people in this difficult time," Powell said in an interview after the Iraq Neighbors Conference November 23 in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. A primary goal of the conference was to obtain commitments from Iraq's neighbors to tighten their border controls in order to prevent insurgents and foreign fighters from passing into or out of the country. This is a major concern as Iraq prepares for January 30, 2005, elections to create a new national assembly. more


A new style of exclusive sailing wall art, has been launched by leading marine photographer Bob Aylott. Yachts and yachting events are now available beautiful wall art for my office. in one-off editions through selected galleries as well as online. Each large sized photograph comes double mounted and framed to museum standards and quality. They are signed by Bob but also carry his finger print, endorsing the images’ pedigree.

A reader of our sibling publication Consumer Reports was concerned that his kids’ habit of running rechargeable batteries down almost to empty, then plugging them in and continuing to use them  would damage the batteries somehow. No, our lab-coated colleagues responded: that’s not really bad for the batteries. What is bad for them is letting them drain all the way, then Sony vtc4 storing the item or the battery with no charge left. Charge them to 50% of capacity at least before letting them idle. Batteries lose their charge over time, and letting one get down to zero and then sit idle can do permanent damage.

One of the UK's longest friv running videogame review websites has had a make-over. Entering it's sixteenth year of existence, Gamestyle started the new year with a new look and a resolution to be as bold ever. With the visual work coming from Microsoft designer Matt Cox, the new logo and branding brings a fresh new element to the site. One of the UK's longest running videogame review websites has had a make-over. Entering it's sixteenth year of existence, Gamestyle started the new year with a new look and a resolution to be as bold ever. With the visual work coming from Microsoft designer Matt Cox, the new logo and branding brings a fresh new element to the site. free hello kitty games “Inspiration came from Gamestyle's solid foundation of honest and independent video games journalism. The icon represents the written word through symbolism of a pen nib,” Cox explains. “It's simple, but effective. Those involved in the site will appreciate that it harks back to the original roots of Gamestyle as a Dreamcast fan-site. There's the familiarity of the LED light on the Sega console.” Gamestyle has a proven track record as a stepping-stone for top mobile games subway surfers talented writers to find their way into the industry. After honing their skills at the non-profit site, valuable roles arose for several staff at, The Guardian, Edge magazine, and gamesTM. This includes Darran Jones, editor of the monthly, worldwide print publication Retro Gamer. With a small team, led by Bradley Marsh, happy wheels currently providing critique on video games and industry events, the group looks to continue it's path as a trusted source for game reviews and build upon it's reputation as a hub for talented writers.

The Grid is not a new website builder, it is completely different than anything else out there, more like your personal website developer. wordpress blog themes The reason so many leaders in the tech industry are excited about it is because it is going to entirely change how we build our web presence online through a completely automated process. This is a perfect example of disruptive innovation. Not just taking a product and making it better but actually transforming it, making it more affordable, and accessible to a lot larger population. In short, what The Grid does is takes sbi po the content you provide it and automicatically creates a site for you and helps you keep it fresh and engaging for viewers, something many web users expect to see these days.

United States Remains "Agnostic" about EU-Iran Negotiations (2004-11-24) The United States remains "agnostic" regarding the value of negotiations between Iran and the EU 3 -- France, Germany and the United Kingdom -- aimed at ensuring that Iran does not pursue nuclear weapons capabilities, according to Secretary of State Colin Powell. The United States has been supportive of the Europeans' efforts, Powell said in November 23 television interviews in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, where he was attending a bulk candles regional conference on the situation in Iraq, but he noted that Iran's recent agreement to suspend its enrichment activities was not unlike a similar promise it made in 2003 and then withdrew in 2004. "So now the European Union has another arrangement with the Iranians, with tougher verification regime associated with it. The IAEA [International Atomic Energy Agency] will be going in to monitor all of this. That's good. We support it," he said. "But, keep in mind it's still just -- in the eyes of the Iranians -- a suspension. And a suspension means that they can turn it back on. We want it to be turned off permanently." more

Powell Says U.S. Cannot Accept Ukraine Vote Result as Legitimate (2004-11-24) Secretary of State Colin Powell says the United States cannot accept as legitimate the result announced by the Central Election Commission in Ukraine's November 21 presidential run-off election between Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych. In a briefing at the State Department November 24, Powell said, "We cannot accept this result as frozen movie legitimate because it does not meet international standards and because there has not been an investigation of the numerous and credible reports of fraud and abuse." "We call for a full review of the conduct of the election and the tallying of election results," Powell said, adding, "It is still not too late for Ukrainian authorities to find a solution that respects the will of the Ukrainian people." He also called on Ukraine's government not to use violence against demonstrators and said he had phoned Ukraine's current President Leonid Kuchma to caution him against the use of force. more

Head of U.S. European Command Describes Ongoing Force Changes (2004-11-24) Both NATO and the U.S. European Command (EUCOM) are making changes to meet the new threats of the 21st century by overhauling command structures, taking advantage of technology and closing excess bases to become more effective and efficient, says the head of the Allied Command Europe. "The idea of transformation is not to do less in Europe and Africa; it's to do juegos more," General James L. Jones, commander of EUCOM said at the National Press Club November 23. "The world is increasingly populated by a spreading and a migration of threats to areas that we previously thought, in the 20th century, were fairly safe and secure," Jones said, adding that Africa will figure prominently in transformation plans to proactively prevent crises. more

United States Calls For End to Violence in Darfur (2004-11-24) State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli issued a statement November 24 condemning the new round of violence on both sides in Darfur in violation of the recent security protocols happy wheels demo agreed to by all parties in Abuja, Nigeria. Ereli called on all parties to stop immediately and cooperate with the African Union peacekeeping mission in the region. more

United States Getting Tougher on Child Sex Tourism (2004-11-24) U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has won another conviction in its 15-month-old initiative to arrest and prosecute travelers who intend to go to another country to engage in sexual activity with children. In a November 23 press release, ICE announces that the 10th indictment under the 2003 PROTECT Act marks a milestone for the agency in its targeting of international child sex predators. On November 19, a federal grand jury indicted Edilberto Datan of California for travel with intent to engage in a sexual act with a juvenile after his arrest following a trip to the Philippines. ICE's investigation indicates that Datan was arranging sexual trysts with underage boys in the Philippines. more | U.S. Launches New Push Against Domestic Human Trafficking


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